Five Major Advantages of Regular Dog Grooming

Your furry friends require a lot of care and attention. As a dog owner, keeping your dog healthy and happy is your top priority. But did you know that keeping your dog healthy requires more than just regular vet visits? Grooming is an important element of pet care because it keeps your dog looking and feeling clean and healthy.

Many pet owners believe they can groom their dog at home, and while this is true, it isn’t always the greatest choice. Pet groomers have been trained in the skill of pet hygiene and they know where to cut and where not to clip, how to clean ears properly and so much more. Getting your dog regularly groomed can keep it healthy, which can extend its life and maintain its happiness.

Benefits Behind Regular Grooming For Dogs

Here are some health benefits of getting your dog regularly groomed by a professional:

1.    Avoids Health Issues

Regular dog grooming is essential for your dog, especially if it’s an active breed. Playing around in nature all day can create a variety of skin problems, including rashes or itching. All of these possible risks will be rinsed away when you get your dog regularly groomed. Groomers use special shampoos that are light on your dog’s skin and moisturise it, leaving their coat shiny and silky.

2. Prevents Amateur Nail Clipping

Clipping a dog’s nails is a terrifying experience, both for you and your dog. Especially if you’re inexperienced in nail clipping, cutting your dog’s nails can result in its paws being cut too deeply, causing pain and bleeding. It’s really hard to detect where the quick of your dog’s nails is because of their dark hue. A professional dog groomer knows precisely how and where to cut your dog’s nails. They also have the proper tools for the job, which make the process easier and pain-free for your dog.

3. Immediate Parasite Detection

While not all dogs have parasites, it’s still important to ensure they’re identified and treated right away. Getting your dog regularly groomed ensures these buggers never get a chance to infest its fur. Your groomer is trained to spot fleas, ticks or other nasty parasites that may have made their home in your dog’s coat or ears. The earlier these parasites are detected, the better it is for your dog’s health. Your groomer might offer products to help get rid of the pests and keep them from returning.

4. Maintains the Luster and Health of Your Dog’s Coat

Dog coats, like human hair, vary in a variety of textures and lengths. These different coats require different care. Simply brushing your dog’s coat isn’t always enough. Certain dog fur is always prone to matting and snarls, which requires the use of specialized tools available only to professional groomers. A professional groomer understands how to work through these tangles without hurting your dog’s fur. Getting your dog regularly groomed ensures it receives proper care for its coat, which reduces shedding.
5. Keeps Your Dog’s Ears Clean and Fluffy
The ear canal of a dog is not the same as that of a human. While we may have the ability to poke around your ear with a cotton swab, that’s not the case with a dog. A dog groomer uses a specific liquid solution and a particular massaging motion to effectively clean your dog’s ears whenever you request ear cleaning and pruning at a regular grooming session.
Keeping Your Furry Friend Clean and Healthy
Regular grooming maintains the cleanliness of your dog, which boosts its health and lessens emergency vet visits. If you’re located in Massachusetts and your dog requires quick and thorough grooming, contact Quality Mobile Pet Grooming to book an appointment and receive the best full groom, bath and brush services for your dog.
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